NEWSFLASH!  Policy changes and updates:
Alpharetta Pediatrics
...where KIDS are special!
1)  Our offices will be closed for the Fourth of July
holiday on
MONDAY, JULY 6TH.  We will have a doctor on
call for the holiday.  Please continue to call the office if
you need us on that day!

2)   Our current policy regarding MEDICAL NOTES for school
or work absences is that the child
must be seen in our
. Due to on going demands by schools in our area, we
may also be required to state a "return to" date.  Any
extensions on that date will also require a visit to the
office.  Please take note of what your school requires and
how often so that any problems may be avoided.  You can
find this information at your county's school system website.

3)   We no longer utilize the Children's Healthcare Nurse
Advice Line as a part of our
Our doctors handle all phone calls after hours. If you have a
question that does not require our doctor's medical opinion,
you may contact anyone of your choice and no report is
necessary for our office.

4)   We now require you to show your INSURANCE CARD and
pay your copay at the
beginning of each visit.  Please make
sure to have that information available and current.